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Soltire TO

Soltire TO

(DA Valentino x Sol Natique)
2011 Grey Stallion

2014 United States National Champion Futurity Colt

Bred & owned by Thirteen Oaks Arabians

Standing with Keith Krichke
Fresh cooled semen available.

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Arabian Horse Pedigree for SOLTIRE TO

FAME VF+ AHR*268987 Bay 1982 BEY SHAH+ AHR*134556 Bay 1976
BAY EL BEY AHR*54146 Bay 1969
STAR OF OFIR AHR*61852 Bay 1970
RAFFON AHR*19040 Bay 1961
LETA ROSE AHR*47338 Bay 1968
VERSACE AHR*525640 Bay 1995
PRECIOUS AS GOLD AHR*296213 Chestnut 1984 *EL SHAKLAN AHR*268260 Grey 1975
SHAKER EL MASRI GASB*107 Chestnut 1963
ESTOPA GASB*168 Grey 1965
AUTUMN IN GOLD AHR*207424 Chestnut 1980
CLASSY MCCOY AHR*80289 Bay 1972
JULIEANN AHR*20326 Grey 1961
DA VALENTINO AHR*607142 Bay 2003
PADRONS PSYCHE AHR*418979 Chestnut 1988 *PADRON AHR*175389 Chestnut 1977
PATRON AVS*586 Chestnut 1966
ODESSA AVS*678 Chestnut 1973
KILIKA AHR*266273 Bay 1982
*TAMERLAN AHR*181487 Bay 1967
*KILIFA AHR*226721 Chestnut 1972
DA LOVE AHR*564106 Chestnut 1999
MAGNIFFICAA FA AHR*515552 Bay 1995 ECHO MAGNIFFICOO AHR*415513 Chestnut 1988
ALADDINN ECHO AHR*216804 Bay 1980
S S MAGNOLIA AHR*248928 Chestnut 1982
JAMAARA FA AHR*463593 Black 1990
ALI JAMAAL AHR*256891 Bay 1982
NV TIARA BEY AHR*351384 Bay 1985
SOLTIRE TO AHR*655455 Grey 2011 
*SALON AHR*213493 Grey 1959 NEGATIV RASB*377 Grey 1945
NASEEM RASB*5 Grey 1922
TARASZCZA RASB*108 Grey 1937
SONATA RASB*433 Chestnut 1946
SKRZYP RASB*89 Chestnut 1936
ODALISKA RASB*208 Bay 1941
SOLSTICE AHR*268741 Grey 1983
*PASSIONATE AHR*141393 Grey 1976 EL PASO PASB*2409 Bay 1967
CZORT PASB*1330 Bay 1949
ELLORA PASB*1388 Bay 1950
*DAGMARA AHR*141388 Grey 1970
NEGATIW PASB*2090 Grey 1945
DASZAWA PASB*1858 Grey 1958
SOL NATIQUE AHR*568483 Grey 1993
*NABORR AHR*25472 Grey 1950 NEGATIV RASB*377 Grey 1945
NASEEM RASB*5 Grey 1922
TARASZCZA RASB*108 Grey 1937
LAGODNA RASB*167 Grey 1939
POSEJDON PASB*332 Grey 1916
OBRA PASB*569 Grey 1933
NATIQUE++ AHR*80856 Grey 1971
*RUZICA AHR*43905 Grey 1961 GERWAZY AHSB*2334 Grey 1955
DOKTRYNER PASB*1380 Grey 1950
GWARA PASB*1095 Bay 1946
ROSJANKA AHSB*2463 Bay 1957
RUSHTI GSB*1219 Bay 1945
REXEENA GSB*1336 Chestnut 1948

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